1Cathedral square terminus
2 Port
3Exhibition Centre The Chimneys
4Europe Square
5black beaches
7Hotel Baia Verde
8Hotel Sheraton
11Square Giovanni Verga
12Square Giovanni Verga
13The Roman amphitheater
14Theater Maximum - Vincenzo Bellini

A city rich in natural wonders that amazes tourists for the variety of its landscapes. The coast of Catania is a cocktail of colors reflected on the sea, between pebbles, golden sand, black sand beaches, cliffs and coves. Sea tour takes you back in time, from the alleys of the fishing villages to the Norman castle built in 1076 Lava Stone, from the novel by Giovanni Verga, I Malavoglia, the charm the Riviera of the Cyclops, the picturesque archipelago of Aci Trezza, famous for the legendary rock-launched Polyphemus against Ulysses fleeing away. All under the gaze of the majestic
volcano Etna.

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